ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A disabled man in Rockland who shot an intruder in his apartment nearly two years ago will not be charged with any crime. That report comes from NEWS CENTER's mid-coast media partner, Village Soup.

Harvey Lembo, who is confined to a wheelchair, discovered a man had broken into his apartment early in the morning in August 2015. Lembo told NEWS CENTER at the time he had just bought a pistol for protection the day before, following repeated break-ins at the apartment.

Lembo said he woke up to find the man in the apartment and held the intruder at gunpoint while he called police. Lembo said the man jumped up and started to run, so he shot him in the arm. The intruder was treated for his wound and eventually convicted and sentenced to jail for the break-in.

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But the district attorney would never clear Lembo of any wrongdoing in the case, saying he was investigating to see if the shooting might have violated state law. That remained unchanged until this week.

According to Village Soup, the new Knox County District Attorney has decided he will not try to prosecute Harvey Lembo.

"This is not a case where we could prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," District Attorney Jonathan Liberman told Village Soup.