New documents are surfacing in the case of Anthony Sanborn, the convicted murderer allowed out of jail last month on $25,000 bail.
Sanborn had been in prison since his conviction 25 years ago.
Then, in April, a key witness in his trial said she didn't actually see him kill 16 year-old Jessica Briggs in 1989.
But now, a detective working on Sanborn's case has turned over evidence stored in his attic.

According to court documents filed by Sanborn's defense attorney, Amy Fairfield, the files contain alternative suspects, police reports, and witness statements.
The evidence was turned over by the head investigator in Briggs murder, James Daniels. He’s now retired.
Fairfield says there was physical evidence among the items Daniels turned into Portland Police, including a box cutter and a knife.
Fairfield claims also there were handwritten notes in the evidence that may indicate Detective Daniels lied under oath during Sanborn's trial.
Sanborn's attorney used the court filing in which this evidence was first discussed to say this is further proof her client’s conviction should be overturned.
A key question remains unanswered, however -- why was this evidence stored in Detective Daniels’ attic and was that proper procedure?
The former prosecutor who led the state's case against Sanborn told NEWS CENTER Tuesday afternoon she doesn't know anything about what Daniels did.
The Portland Police Department did not return our calls and Sanborn's defense attorney did not wish to speak to NEWS CENTER, Tuesday.