AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered for 'March 4 Trump' rallies around the nation Saturday, including in New York City, Washington, D.C. -- and a very cold Augusta.

The single-digit temperatures and heavy winds didn't stop the enthusiastic crowd from showing that some Mainers have the president's back.

“He needs some support,” said rally organizer Jody Newman. “There's been a lot of opposition, so it's about time that we went ahead and supported him, and showed him that America is behind him.”

They say Saturday’s rally is partially in response to the dozens of "anti-Trump" protests since Election Day.

“They won't drop it,” said Trump supporter Randall Bryant, about those opposing President Trump. “They're still whining and crying that they lost. Get on with life, get over with the President. Or at least try.”

About 100 people marched to the State House in Augusta.

They say they're proud of the job President Trump has done so far.

“Everything,” said Bryant. “There isn't anything that he's done that I can say I'm not for. To me - he can't do anything wrong.”

Newman added, “He's keeping jobs here, that's for sure. He's saving our government money already on airplanes, and keeping factories here, and not moving cross country, he's making good deals with China, and he's already saving us millions of dollars.”

The crowd sang together, prayed together, and chanted the Pledge of Allegiance.

They also responded to the President's early morning tweets.

President Trump tweeted that he believes President Obama had his wires tapped at Trump Tower before the election...even calling it "McCarthyism."

“I don't think he'd ever say anything like that if he didn't have some sort of proof,” said Bryant.

“It really wouldn't surprise me,” said Newman. “[Obama] really should let our president govern the United States and stay out of it. He had his turn.”

Despite the president's often controversial tweets, supporters say they like it - and that it makes him more transparent.

“Everybody's all upset that he likes to tweet,” said Bryant. “This is his way of letting the public know exactly what he's thinking. This is what I want. I want somebody to tell me to my face what is actually happening.”

Those at the rally also used it as a food drive, and filled a van with food for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.