PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – On Monday, a Delta flight headed to Portland was diverted and passengers had to sleep on cots in the baggage claim section of Boston Logan Airport.

Delta is not giving refunds for the experience.

Here's what we know happened:

  • A flight was supposed to land at the Jetport around 1 AM, but that main runway was closed because of construction.
  • Delta Flight 2230 was originally scheduled to land earlier, but was delayed because of a communications outage coming out of D.C. Delta representatives say this affected several flights.
  • A jetport spokesperson says they told all pilots in advance about the construction on the runway.
  • Some flights landed on the airport's second runway, but the Delta flight could not for technical reasons.
  • A jetport spokesperson says they offered to hold off construction to let the plane land...but the pilot chose to divert to Boston.

A Delta spokesperson says he believes the pilot made the right decision.

Days later, passengers are still mad – and now Delta's response makes them even more upset.

Rick Saenz says he's tried to get anything from Delta Airlines – an apology, a refund, or even just an explanation.

But he's been taken through a customer service nightmare.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” he said. “The mistake isn't the problem. It's the response to the mistake.” He’s more upset with how Delta has handled the situation, rather than what actually happened.

Saenz says he spent almost an entire day on and off the phone with Delta customer service.

“I was hoping for some kind of a refund,” he said. “At the very least an apology. The very least an apology.”

He wanted an explanation - of why he had to spend a sleepless night on a cot in baggage claim at Boston Logan Airport. He described the experience. “Lights on completely. Other planes coming in the back. People walking right by. The doors are open to the outside. There's no security there. Anybody can come into that area,” he said.

Saenz said passengers were told there were no hotel rooms available in Boston, so they would have to sleep at the airport. A representative for Delta told NEWS CENTER that they don’t get hotel rooms in every delay situation. He also said the company relies on discount rooms and partner hotels, and usually would not pay a full price for a room.

This aggravates Saenz – he says especially for the elderly customers on board. “I didn’t see the pilot [on a cot],” he said.

After over four hours on the phone, getting tossed from representative to representative, he says the call ended with the representative “getting really upset” and “raising her voice.” He says she told him that he was not a pilot and could not understand, and then hung up the phone.

Delta responded to this accusation in the following tweet:

Delta representative Michael Thomas said the reason they are not giving refunds is because the company only does that when the situation is within Delta’s control, like a pilot calling out sick. He claims this situation was out of their control.

A statement from Delta did say that they apologize for any inconvenience.