TRENTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The daycare that Liza Parker’s children attended is trying to honor her wishes by searching for the driver who found the family’s car and rushed to get help.

Parker was killed in a car accident in Old Town last week after she and her children were reported missing.

The children were found alive in the car after being trapped for hours off the side of I-95.

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“Thank you for taking care of my baby girl,” Liza Parker wrote in a letter to the Tiny Tikes Daycare in Trenton.

The center’s owner and staff shared that letter with NEWS CENTER that detailed how nervous Parker was entrusting others with the care of her daughter Tiana.

The providers at the center said they were deeply concerned when the family never showed up last Monday.

“We remember Mason and Tiana giggling an playing back and forth,” Heather Tupper said. "We were really alarmed. Are they okay? Are they safe?"

The letter and Tiana’s teddy bear were left behind at the daycare.

"The hardest part to come to terms with was seeing her diaper bag out on the hood of the car,” Tupper said.

Now the daycare staff are trying to do their part to continue to caring for the kids by giving back to the heroes who saved them.

"We just really want to make sure that those who stepped up to help these kids get thanked,” Tupper said.

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Together they collected more than $5,000 they want to use to first recognize the driver who reportedly found the car and rushed to get help.

"We just want to thank him as well as the emergency crews that showed up and everyone that worked at the hospital that helped take care of them when they came in,” Tupper said.

However, nobody knows just who stumbled upon the crash, and they hope by speaking out that someone comes forward.

"It's really unfortunate that they lost their mom. That's something they'll never get back,” she said. "We want to help however we can."

If you know of who the driver might be, you can contact Zach Blanchard at or message him on Facebook.