Smoke is still rising from an abandoned textile mill in Sanford a day after 100 firefighters began battling six stories of flames there.

No has been hurt so far, but firefighters say they have a lot of work ahead before they can leave.

Sanford’s assistant fire chief tells NEWS CENTER his crews are still worried about a wall that could collapse.

He says firefighters won’t enter the building until they’re sure it’s safe.

Investigators from the state fire marshal’s office, the Sanford Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are at the site as well.

They are also staying outside of the structure for now.

The fire began just before 7PM Friday night.

What caused it is still unknown.

The building has been a historic part of Sanford for decades but in the latter part of its life became an eyesore for many.

People living in Sanford say the building housed a few business after it was a mill but most recently was hangout for teens, the homeless and addicts.

“A lot of kids would go in and vandalize the place,” said Kurt Frank who’s lived in Sanford for decades and worked in multiple businesses that occupied the mill building at one time.
Firefighters say it could be days until all the flames are out and they figure out what happened.

“There’s a lot of damage,” said Sanford assistant fire chief, Stephen Cutter. “They’re not even going to be able to get in there until probably they knock some of the building down.”

NEWS CENTER attempted to reach a company that may own the building according to Sanford’s city website.

We have not received a call back yet.