BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Robert Burton led police on the longest manhunt in Maine history after he allegedly shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Ginn Gebo back in 2015 -- he took the stand for the second time Tuesday, walking jurors through what happened the night of the shooting.

Burton claims he went to Ginn Gebo's home the night she was killed to work on their relationship. The two had recently split over allegations of Ginn Gebo cheating on him. He says he originally planned on using duct tape to bind her wrists and ankles to scare her into telling him the truth about it, but decided against it. However, he claims he forgot to take the tape off of his shirt before entering the home. That duct tape was later found on her body, the State implied Burton had used it to cover her mouth, but he denied those allegations.

The State argues he forced his way into the home through a window, but Burton claims he had "rigged" it to look locked when it actually was unlocked. He says the two agreed to this as long as he fixed it over the weekend. Once inside the home Burton says the two exchanged some words, she went to the bathroom and he went to the bedroom. When she came to bed, Burton says she grabbed her gun from under her pillow and shot him. He claims he tried to get the gun out of her hand it fired two more times, shooting her in the back and killing her.

However, the defense argued there were inaccuracies in his written statement to police, specifically about where and how the bullets hit her back. They also questioned why he didn’t call 911 or for help, Burton claims it was because he didn’t think anyone would believe him, so he ran.

One detail that stuck out of Burton’s testimony was about how he survived those 68 days on the run. When he turned himself in he was healthy and hadn’t lost any weight – many questioned if he had help...Burton claims that he did. He says a friend in the town of Abbott provided him with an old tent and sleeping bag and told him he could eat out of his garden at night.

At this time, both sides have rested, they expect closing statements to begin Wednesday morning.