WELLS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Parents don't have easy mornings.

They have to make breakfast for the kids, get them dressed, make their lunches, load them into the car, and don't forget the permission slips and assignment books that need their John Hancock.

At that point, they just scribble on whatever they can find.

That's exactly what one dad in Wells did for a while for his 10-year-old son William at Wells Elementary School.

"William was bringing in stuff on what looked like toilet paper, paper towels, the margins of newspapers," said Christine Yeomelakis, a secretary at the school. "I pull it out of the folder and I'm like, 'Really William?'"

She jokingly asked William's grandmother if she needed to drop off a pad of paper. That's when his dad had an even better idea: to write the notes on anything but.

From a banana to a plunger, William and his dad have been cracking up 'Ms. Chris' each morning with a zany bus note.

"When she laughs, it sort of makes me smile a bit because it's just fun to make other people laugh," said William.

Yeomelakis says the coolest part about the entire thing is that it doesn't involve technology, smartphones or iPads - just good ol' fashioned fun.