BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Searchers are planning to be back on the Androscoggin River Tuesday to again try to find a local man who fell in to the river Friday night.

Stephen Wines was fishing with his brother William "Billy" Wines, when he fell of their small boat. Billy Wines told NEWS CENTER on Monday that Stephen had not been feeling so well, and it appeared Stephen had fainted or passed out just before he fell overboard. He said he jumped into the water to save his brother, but was too late.

Billy Wines said he was unable to keep hold of his brother, and by the time he was finally rescued by a fire department boat, Stephen had disappeared.

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The Maine Marine Patrol had a large search Saturday with boats and an airplane, and were joined by volunteers in their own boats. Those volunteers were back on the River Sunday and Monday, and a Marine Patrol boat also spent Monday on the river.

Sgt. Matt Talbot of the Marine Patrol said the water was rough on Monday and underwater visibility was poor, because the river was still "roiled up" from Sunday's storm. He said water levels were high, which also impeded some search efforts.

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The Marine Patrol plans a larger search Tuesday, and will again use an airplane if the weather is suitable. Billy Wine's fiancée said their friends and family members will be back searching with their own boats and on shore. She said their hope is to "bring Stephen home".