BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – As people all across the state dug out from the latest storm, crews at John T. Cyr & Sons, Inc. bus yard in Bangor worked to get buses on the road in time for school.

With more than 14 inches falling in the area crews had an extra two hours to get the job done.

“You have to be able to pay attention to everything around you,” Erica Marshall said.

Marshall was one of several workers out scraping the heavy snow from the buses and moving them around so that plows could clear the yard.

“Doing this is one hundred times the work,” she said.

Nearly 60 buses had to be cleaned and moved—most of them 30 feet long.

"It's kind of exciting to think about where this is so different we've been busy all morning,” Manager Patty Bovee said.

Hours after Marshall finished, she still had to go out and drive to get kids to and from school safely.

The bus company works in conjunction with the school district to make the final call based on the road conditions and time it takes to clean up.

"Whether it's an early release, a delay of an hour or two, it's children's safety bottom line,” Bovee said.

That safety the responsibility of dedicated drivers all across the state.

“It’s all about the safety and getting kids to school,” Marshall said.