PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Which witnesses are credible and which ones are not?

That will be an important decision for the judge deciding the Anthony Sanborn post-conviction review. Today a witness who previously placed Sanborn with Jessica Briggs on the night of the murder said she lied about that.

At the time of Jessica Briggs murder she was living with her friend Gloria Staples, who now goes by the name Gloria Brosseau.

Brosseau testified she was pressured by police into telling them what they wanted to hear.

She also testified she brought police information about crimes Gerard Rossi allegedly committed, but they were not interested in hearing it. Rossi was a roommate of Sanborn who testified Sanborn confessed multiple times to killing Briggs.

“I asked them to pursue it and they were not interested in doing so. They were more interested in the fact that Gerry Rossi was their key witness”, Brosseau testified.

But the prosecutor presented a police report showing they did take the information about Rossi.

“So he sat down and went through with you methodically what happened and where it happened and wrote a report?", state attonrey Meg Elam asked Brosseau.

"Yes", Brosseau responded.

"And you signed that report?", Elam asked.

"Yes", said Brosseau.

In a bizarre twist, an audio tape was played that investigators say was a conversation between Brosseau and a man named Roberto Gonzales in which she said she knew Sanborn killed Briggs, but she still loved him. Brosseau denied it was her voice on the tape, even though the person identified herself as Gloria Staples, her name at the time, and had information only she would know.

“My assumption would be that the detectives told whoever this was this information", Brosseau testified.

"So they hired some girl to pretend to be you?", asked Elam.

"I wouldn’t be surprised", said Brosseau.

"On a tape with Roberto Gonzales?", Elam asked.

"I would not be one bit surprised”, said Brosseau.

Another defense witness, Crystal Call, testified she recognized the voice on the tape as her sister in law, not Gloria Brosseau.

The attorney who prosecuted Anthony Sanborn for the Briggs murder is expected to take the stand on Monday.