WISCASSET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A superior court judge has ordered the Maine DOT to stop the planned demolition of a building in Wiscasset, and not do any construction or demolition until a hearing scheduled for Feb. 2.

The Town of Wiscasset filed a complaint on Wednesday, seeking to force the MDOT to make changes to its plan for modifications to the town's Main Street, which is also Route One. The Town wants to preserve storefront parking on Main Street, while the MDOT's plan would eliminate that parking.

Town lawsuit latest step in a battle over Wiscasset traffic changes

The construction plan also includes demolition of the old Haggett's Garage to make room or a new off-street parking lot. Some Wiscasset residents claim the building is historic and should be preserved. Demolition had reportedly been scheduled for Dec. 4, but the court order means that will not happen.

The Wiscasset town manager told NEWS CENTER the two sides had been trying to negotiate the various issues, but that the town resorted to the court challenge when the talks were not producing the desired results.

The MDOT has said it wants actual construction to begin sometime in 2018. The results of Feb. 2 court hearing on the town's request for an injunction could have a significant impact on the project time frame.