PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) — Every think of using beer for medicinal purposes?

A brewer in Portsmouth has a frothy creation she claims can help women going through the change of life. It's called Lib'beer'ation beer.

"Our motto at the Portsmouth Brewery is we serve all types. We’ve been saying that since day one and meaning we serve all types of people and we serve all types of beer.”

Joanne Francis, who co-owns Portsmouth Brewing noticed one ‘type’ of person wasn’t being catered to...her. Francis is a 57-year-old woman and was specifically thinking of women, like her, dealing with the change of life.

It is with a large dose of humor that Francis approached creating Libeeration; the special menopause brew to ease “hot flashes, anxiety, sleeplessness, your temperament, your loss of focus.”

And she says the new brew is doing more than just treating these symptoms, it's also bringing more awareness about menopause.

Close female friends of a certain age encouraged Francis and assisted with taste tests.

The new brew is supposed to ease the symptoms women expierence when going through 'the change' such as hot flashes, anxiety, sleeplessness, temperament, and loss of focus.

Marilyn Svihovec is a kinesiologist, an expert in body movement and whole food nutrition, said she also helped pick the flowers and herbs for the brew.

“Hops alone have been very medicinal for centuries and they help with hot flashes, they help with sleeplessness, they also help with weight and it doesn’t matter what type of hops.”

Matt Gallagher is brewing the beer. He says:

“What makes this beer a little bit special is that instead of using hops in the brew kettle to add some balance and some bittering to the beer, we’ve employed about 8 different herbs.”

Chamomile, rose, lemon balm, stinging nettle, mugwort, chickweed and damiana.

Gallagher, a self professed lover of women, (namely his mother, sister, wife and daughter), dedicated himself to the menopause malt.

Francis said, “The idea of simply putting herbs into a beer that would be favorable for a woman experiencing menopausal symptoms was simply just a no-brainer.”

This special limited batch won’t last long, Francis and Gallagher are already plotting their next hormonal hops.

The beer will be officially released Thursday, October 5.