SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A prodigal son returned to Maine's harness racing scene over the weekend. Walter Case. Jr. is the eighth-winningest driver of all time.

Since his first win at age 16 in Lewiston in 1978, the driver known as "Casey" developed a reputation as a talented driver and a troubled person.

By 2004, he had eleven thousand wins and a dissolving marriage. He punched, kicked and stabbed his estranged wife. He was sentenced to five years in an Ohio prison.

Although he was allowed to drive four days in 2008, he was soon banished from all race tracks in the United States.

In a controversial move last week, the Maine Harness Racing issued a provisional license for Case.

Scarborough Downs welcomed Case back and scheduled him in all eleven races of their Saturday card.

A few drivers were standoffish, but most at the track welcomed Case back. After he won his second start, his sister Kelly Case gestured that all were welcome in the winner's circle.

About fifty fans went out on to the track.

Case ended up with three wins on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Now a resident of Southwest Ohio, he plans to fly to Maine each weekend to race through the end of the season on December 10th.

He has not applied to race in Bangor which has meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday night.