MADISON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Community members are on edge after learning about the triple homicide that took place on Russell Road early Wednesday morning in Madison.

Fifty-one-year-old Carroll Tuttle Jr. is suspected of shooting and killing his wife and son, then a neighbor and wounded another man before being shot and killed by police. "I think it’s a tragedy that things happen that way" neighbor Carolyn Woodman said.

Gunman kills three, wounds another in Madison before being shot dead by police

Woodman said she heard the sirens of police and first responders scream past her house early Wednesday morning. She said she was worried because she didn't know who the gunman was at the time and was worried he was in the woods behind her house.

Russell Road is often used by drivers to cut across town – when they were stopped, many were shocked to hear why they were being asked to turn around.

"What’s this world coming to? I can’t believe what goes on in this world today" Peter Tewksbury said. "I think back in the past and this isn’t the way things used to be, it’s just crazy".

"It’s shocking," Kim Morse said. "This is a small town for this to be happening, it’s getting closer and closer".

Russell Road is expected to be closed off until late Wednesday evening.