*UPDATE* 12/5 2:15 p.m. – Oxford County Commissioners have voted to issue a complaint to Gov. Paul LePage to remove Sheriff Wayne Gallant from office.

When asked for a comment Tuesday afternoon, the governor's office said, "Now that this has been referred to the Governor's Office and will require a legal proceeding, we cannot comment."

SOUTH PARIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Oxford County Commissioners met behind closed doors to discuss their investigation regarding sex allegations against Sheriff Wayne Gallant Tuesday.

Commissioners opened the meeting in public, but soon retired to another room to meet in private. All they would say about the meeting was that they were having discussions in Executive Session with the County’s Attorney Brian Dench.

“I can tell you they are currently consulting with their attorney regarding their responsibilities as public officials with regard to the sheriff. They will be taking the appropriate action, if any, at the appropriate time”, said County Administrator Scott Cole.

Commissioners are investigating Gallant for what they say was information they received that required further review.

A union official representing deputies says Gallant texted lewd pictures of himself and propositioned at least two employees for sex. Since Gallant is an elected official only the governor can remove him as sheriff. It’s something that commissioners can request of the governor.

Cole says a decision regarding Gallant is not expected soon.

“It’s the attorney briefing the commissioners on their responsibilities, how they fit into the context of law, with some of the information that surfaced, but they’re far from taking any conclusive action at this time”, said Cole.

Commissioners were asked if they could place Gallant on leave during the investigation. They responded, they don’t have the authority.

After spending about two hours meeting with their attorney commissioners decided to hear from another person regarding the investigation of the sheriff. They would not say who that other person was.