PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — As some of the most powerful forces in state and federal government bear down on her over the impending health care vote, Sen. Susan Collins responds that dealing with pressure is part of her job.

Sen. Collins was in Portland on Friday to speak at the Maine Affordable Housing Conference, and following her prepared statements, she opened the floor to questions. The topic quickly turned to the latest Republican plan to replace Obamacare.

Collins voted against the majority of her fellow Republicans to reject two previous replacement plans over concerns they would be detrimental to the health care of Mainers.

She said she is waiting to make a decision about the new plan until the Congressional Budget Office releases its analysis next week. But those intervening days are not enough time for all of the additional input and study that Collins said any plan of such magnitude would require.

Minutes before her statement, Sen. Collins came up in a health care announcement by Vice President Mike Pence and Gov. Paul LePage. They appeared together in Washington, D.C. in part to call on Sen. Collins to support the new plan.

President Trump tweeted on Friday to intimidate Republicans who push against his effort to revive the GOP healthcare overhaul.