There may be no more appropriate place to observe Veterans Day than the town of Freedom.
Saturday, the town's annual Veterans Day ceremony had a special guest.
Senator Susan Collins gave remarks during the service which was moved inside the town's congregational church because of the chilly weather.
She thanked veterans from all branches of the armed services in the room.
Collins also talked about her father's service during World War Two, which included fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.
Veterans at the service said they were very grateful Collins chose to come to their town since she did get many other invitations this year.
The senator told NEWS CENTER afterwards she hopes the type togetherness and support found in Freedom is remembered by leaders in Washington, DC.

“If we could have in Washington, DC, the spirit that the town of Freedom has, we would be so much better off,” said Collins.

“I had people come up to me today and say, I'm a Democrat or someone would say I'm Republican, but none of that matters.”

Veterans like Ronald Price, who serve in the U.S. Marine Corp. agree.

They think politicians who reach higher offices can forget important values.

“I think they lose touch because they're insulated all the time in some way or another from where they started from,” he said.

Senator Collins also took time to mention how many veterans Maine has.
She said Mainers should be proud because the state has the third-highest number of veterans per capita of any US state.