BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – It took the jury just under three hours to determine that Keith Coleman is guilty of murdering his girlfriend Christina Sargent, her 10 year-old son Duwayne Coke, and her 8 year-old daughter, Destiny Sargent. He was also found guilty of sexual assault. Those murders took place in Garland two years ago. The verdict has brought some closure to the victim’s family.

Phillip Sargent was Christina's big brother and best friend.

“If anyone in our family needed something should be there for them I mean she would give the shirt off her back for any of us,” he said.

Two years ago, she and her two children were strangled by Keith Coleman in their home in Garland.

“When it's little kids that haven't even had a chance to live, it's just a whole new level of disturbing for me,” said Sargent.

Coleman's defense attorneys painted him as a loving father who was not capable of such a crime.

“Well we respect the jury's verdict and we thank them for their service but we're disappointed and we expect there'll be an appeal,” said defense attorney, Logan Perkins.

But like family members, prosecutors say they are satisfied with the jury's decision.

“It reaffirmed me why I became a prosecutor when you have young innocent children who are the victim of such a violent crime it makes you reflect that those are the ones who deserve the fall application of the law and protection of the law and justice,” said Asst. Attorney General, Leane Zainea.

Sentencing is expected to take place in early January. Prosecutors are hoping for life in prison.