WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Colby College graduate Andrew Davis and the Davis family gave the college a gift of $25 million to develop a program called DavisConnects which will allow all Colby students to spend time abroad.

The school says that the program will connect students to a set of global internships and research experiences in order to deepen their education and increase their success in the future.

According to the college, it will connect every student to a facilitated and funded set of internships and research experiences, establishing Colby as a leader in global education and offering all Colby students an exceptional and unique set of opportunities that will deepen their education and improve their life outcomes.

Also, students will be able to compete for Davis Global Engagement Fellowships which are prestigious awards that provide enhanced support for the next generation of global leaders. According to the college, when Davis fellows return to campus, they will have the opportunity to participate in the Davis Summit on Global Engagement, an annual on-campus event that will connect the entire Colby community to the College's global initiatives and priorities.

Students will be able to set up study abroad program that will compliment their studies starting this fall.