OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - At Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, the cars on the Galaxy rollercoaster whipped around the tracks for the very last time.

The coaster has been one of the most popular attractions at the park for two decades.

“It’s sad, I never like to say goodbye to anyone or anything”, said park owner Joel Golder.

Golder was feeling a bit nostalgic Monday. Not only was his park closing for the season, he was also saying goodbye for good to one of its most popular attractions, the Galaxy. Fans of the ride are also sad to see it go.

“We’ve been coming here like 20-years, bringing the kids, the kids favorite ride”, said Brian Paulhus.

Upon learning of its impending departure, his kids didn’t hesitate jumping on.

“They’ve gone on it three times, probably go on it four or five more and we’ll head home, but they’re disappointed”, he said.

So is Kylie Dunton.

“I’ve been going on this like my whole life, so it’s sad. But excited for new things”, she said.

And that’s what its all about, making way for new things. In this case, a $4 million expansion at the park, including a new coaster called the Sea Viper.

It will be twice high and a third longer and wider than the Galaxy. It will seat 24 per ride, compared to just 8 now. The Sea Viper comes from Italy and is unlike anything seen in these parts before.

“It hasn’t been seen in North America. It’s a brand new ride, brand new design”, said Golder

Like any good businessman, Golder says he must keep up with the times and this move is designed to do just that.

“It will draw more people to Palace Playland, it will be a big draw for Old Orchard Beach. Hopefully all of us will benefit from it”, he said.