AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The fate of two dogs that attacked and killed another dog and injured its owner hinges on the outcome of a trial now underway in Augusta.

Sharon Carey watched her 10-month-old Boston terrier get killed by larger dogs. She also suffered injuries to her hands and arm when she tried to intervene. She wants the two dogs to be euthanized.

One of the owners of the two dogs that carried out the attack wants the dogs spared.

Danielle Jones is fighting the charges against her. She denied charges of having a dangerous dog and took the case to trial in hopes of keeping the Staffordshire terriers alive.

A surveillance video played in court shows the dogs escaping a fenced in area in Winslow back in August and charging after a terrier puppy named Fergie Rose. The puppy’s owner, Sharon Carey, testified about watching her dog get attacked. When Carey intervened she suffered numerous puncture wounds to her hand.

“She kept saying they ripped her from my arms and she kept calling it her baby, but at the time I knew it was a dog, and she just kept saying they bit me everywhere,” emergency room assistant Sondra Nantes testified.

A veterinarian testified that the puppy died from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding due to dog bites. The first veterinarian to see the dog after the attack testified the prognosis for the dog was not good given its injuries.

“There were multiple injuries," said Karen Curtis. "We didn't work on the dog very long before she passed away."

Another veterinarian suggested the dogs be given some behavior based tests before any decision is made.

“I do feel it would be most appropriate for the dogs to have a consultation with a behavioral expert or an animal behaviorist, which is a veterinarian that is board certified in animal behavior, to assess the degree of, basically, if you're able to rehabilitate them or if they are a danger," said Abby Arena.

The two dogs in question have been confined at the Waterville Humane Society since the attack and will remain there until this case is decided. The civil trial is expected to wrap up Tuesday.