LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Though wardens have found the body of missing canoeist Jennifer Bousquet - the fallout surrounding her disappearance is far from finished.

20-year-old Fryeburg Police rookie Nathan Desjardins remains in critical condition with head trauma at Central Maine Medical Center.

Fryeburg Police officer and Biddeford Firefighter Dale Stout is healing at home with his family, but walking with a cane.

This situation has rattled Maine's first responders - but also brought them closer together.

NEWS CENTER spoke to the Biddeford Fire Department Chaplain who visited both Stout and Desjardins' families.

At this time, Chaplain Kevin Jacques says the most important thing the community can do is support and pray for first responders and especially these families.

Offering support - that's Biddeford Fire Department Chaplain Kevin Jacques's every day job.

In the wake of the boat crash that seriously injured two first responders - his role is more important than ever.
“It's always difficult when somebody is in need,” he said. “But when it's one of your own, it's a little more personal.”

On top of being a summertime Fryeburg police officer - Dale Stout is a fulltime Biddeford Firefighter.

Jacques says he visited the department Wednesday - and that it's important that he gets the time and support to heal. He said Stout has a long road ahead of him – both physically and emotionally.

“Right now he's really focused on the situation, and of course he feels bad as everybody else does,” said Jacques. “So we are just trying to help support him and encourage him, and remind him of those things he's done in his past 11 years at the department.”

Though he's not from Biddeford - Jacques has been there for the family of Nate Desjardins as well - visiting them at CMMC.

“I just wanted to go back today to touch base, to let them know that we are thinking of them, and that we were supporting them as well,” he said.

Jacques stood by Nate's bedside with his family, and together they prayed for a miracle.

“It's a pretty special thing,” he said. “It's a powerful moment. I’m just moved by their desire to bring God into this. I think that's beautiful.”

Nate is still in critical condition and has showed little signs of improving, but Jacques says his family is holding out hope.

“Their son is still struggling, and so they just want people to be thinking of them, praying, and just offering that up for them - for their son,” he said.

Jacques says he wants people to know how dedicated both Dale and Nate are to serving their communities.

He asks the public to keep both families in their thoughts and prayers for the long road ahead.