SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While hundreds of Mainers sported their red, white and blue on Wednesday, there was one shop in Skowhegan that said every day is flag day.

“When I first started working here, they started calling me the flag lady,” said Charlene Goodridge.

One year later, she still wears that title with pride. However, she never expected her passion for stitching would bring her here, to Maine Stitching Specialties, a Skowhegan based-textile company determined to make all American-made products.

Goodridge is responsible for manufacturing perhaps the most American product there is, the American Flag.

“I made a couple hundred but now I must go back and make some more because we're getting low again,” she said.

At first, she struggled to make 70 flags a week. Now 50 flags a day are flying out the door. But the process can still be challenging.

After hemming the star fields, and stitching the stripes, she assembles the two together.

“You got a hem piece here and a hem piece here. You've got to line them up just right,” she explained.

Although she has been sewing for almost 50 years, accidents can still happen. Other times, production is halts because of a machine malfunction.

Despite the obstacles, she said there is something special about handcrafting the American Flag, which is why every day is Flag Day to her.

To purchase those American Flags visit L.L. Bean, Remy’s, and the Maine Stitching Specialties factory outlet.