CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Cape Elizabeth High School gym floor was destroyed Monday when a student kicked a ball and randomly hit a sprinkler on the ceiling and set it off.

The sprinkler dumped almost 1,000 gallons of water all over the floor, according to town director of facilities and transportation Greg Marles.

"The angle that he had to kick the ball and all of that — it was purely an accident — was just a once in a million shot," Marles said.

The school decided to relocate the voting location to the school's cafeteria.

Marles said the floor was only two years old but is covered by insurance. He said they plan to add cages around the sprinklers to prevent another accident.

"[It will take] a lot of work to get it all coordinated and done and we hope by Dec. 5 we'll be 100 percent done and back open," Marles said.

He said he expects the new floor to be finished by Dec. 5, and that the athletic director is currently looking for temporary locations for the basketball teams to practice and play during the construction.