MANCHESTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A family event in Manchester drew a crowd of people Saturday.

It had a pretty unusual focus.

With live music, balloon animals, bubbles, and kids running around - you'd never guess you were at a family friendly cannabis event.

Bridget McKeen of Montville even wrote a children's book called "The Medicine Plant" to teach kids about growing cannabis for medicine - something her family already does.

"[Cannabis] is not going to cause harm to children to touch the live plant," she said. "It's just like any other plant. It's an herb."

Dr. Dustin Sulak, the medical marijuana expert at the "Cannabis in the Community" event, says the whole point is about teaching the next generation how to use marijuana safely. "Nobody ever taught me or any of my peers how to use cannabis in a safe, healthy way," he said.

Sulak hopes legislators in Augusta will roll out legal recreational marijuana in a way that's education-based.

Those at the event say they're teaching a generation of kids to not be scared of the drug - but instead to be informed on its uses both medicinally and recreationally.

"Keep an open mind," said Susan Meehan, who works with the nonprofit "Children for Cannabis Therapy." Her daughter, now deceased, used cannabis as a therapy for a serious seizure condition. "This is a medication that is far safer than most any medication you can buy over the counter or through a prescription at the pharmacy," she said.