BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Years after the last Navy aircraft flew away from the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, a local brewery is hoping to raise money to save the relics of the base's history.

Flight Deck Brewing, located in a former shooting range building at Brunswick Landing, is planning a fundraiser for Thursday, Aug. 24 – the day the Navy's Blue Angels arrive for the big weekend air show.

Brunswick Landing is home to a pair of former Navy submarine hunter airplanes: a P-3 Orion and an older P-2 Neptune. The planes have been on display at the former base for many years, and are showing their age.

Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority director Steve Levesque said Friday the planes need to be cleaned, painted and need some structural work as well. There is currently no money in the MRRA budget for that work.

That's where the brewers come in.

Flight Deck's Nate Wildes said their fundraiser will generate money specifically for upkeep and repair of the two planes. Wildes says the brewery has already adopted the image of the P-3 as its logo and has beer varieties named for aspects of life at the former base, including the Sub Hunter IPA.

He said Navy veterans come to the brewery tasting room, and state memorabilia of their time at the base. All of that, he said, led Wildes and brewmaster Jared Entwistle to decide they should do what they could to save the planes.

"They are part of the culture," he said, referring to many years of shared history between the Navy base and the town.

The fundraiser will be on Thursday, Aug. 24, from 6 to 8 p.m. The business partners said they're hoping if a big crowd, and will be setting up a large tent to make sure they can handle a crowd.