GUILFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's been two years since alleged murderer Robert Burton was on the run in the woods of Piscataquis County, but camp owner, Carroll Tenney, will never forget the day she locked eyes with him.

"It was scary," Tenney said. She and her husband own a home right off of Davis Pond in North Guilford. She says Burton, suspected of killing ex-girlfriend Stephanie Ginn Gebo in 2015, stopped at her camp when he was on the run.

Tenney and her husband were sitting in their living room when they say Burton came up to their window and peaked into their house. When Burton saw Tenney family inside, he fled. They immediately called 9-1-1.

"They're going are you sure it was him?" Tenney said of her conversation with law enforcement, "positive, I saw all the flyers."

The Tenney's surveillance cameras caught Burton, which depicted him in camouflage clothing. They were some of the first images of Burton while he was on the run.

The manhunt for Burton lasted 68 days and is the longest in Maine history. His trial began Monday