NORTHPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Revenue from Maine's tourism industry is on the rise and business owners are doing their part to keep it that way.

Dozens of business owners gathered in Northport Wednesday for Maine's annual tourism summit. The confernece gives those in the industry the chance to collaborate with others and see how they can best support the needs of those coming in to visit the state.They also discussed some of the challenges tourism based jobs are facing -- like worker shortages -- and the best way to overcome them.

Business owners say tourism is something that affects everyone in the state and they are always looking for ways to make it better.

"The tourism industry generates almost $600 million in taxes, if you took that out of the equation you would see that other programs would probably suffer throughout the state" Steve Lyons said. Lyons is the Acting Director for the Maine Office of Tourism. "So I think its important to keep that in mind when people are thinking about tourism, its more than just direct expenditures that people make but its the money that sort of circulates throughout the economy that is important".