BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- During Saturday night's Class C Boy's state championship game between George Stevens Academy Eagles and Winthrop Ramblers the action came down to the last seconds of the game.

Jarrod Chase, from GSA, hit a game-winning three-point shot to win the game.

Ethan Snow, the manager for GSA, celebrated so hard that he ripped his pants apart.

"Was I embarrassed? Yes, a little bit, but we won so I really didn't care. I thought most people wouldn't be focused on what we had done. We just won a buzzer beater in probably the best state games in recent history who's going to care about torn up pants," reflected manager Snow.

"This will be a memory I will tell my grandkids about someday. Having that memory of winning a state championship game and be known as a kid who ripped his pants after the game," said Snow.