Brian Woodworth is the “go-to” man in not just one, but two communities: Guilford and Dover-Foxcroft. His nominators wonder if this busy man ever sleeps, estimating that he spends eight to 10 hours a day, six and seven days a week volunteering for a number of non-profit organizations.

If something needs doing, it seems like Brian is doing it, from chairing the Annual Piscataquis River Race to participating in the $1.9 million project to renovate the Central Hall Building in Dover-Foxcroft; from helping the organizing the Guilford bicentennial celebration to serving as Santa Claus during the HomeTown Holidays in Guilford.

Brian is Director and Past President of the Kiwanis, President of the Sebec Lake Association, President of the Guilford Historical Society, a member of the Guilford Grange and member of the Maine Woodturners Association. He sets up and tears down, builds stages and gazebos, paints, cleans, organizes, and writes newsletters, applying skills acquired during his career as development engineer at General Motors.

His very personal involvement in his brother Dwight’s life earns him universal praise. Brian drives Woody, who has cerebral palsy and is paraplegic, wherever he needs to go, insuring that his brother can maintain an active life, and participate in community events.