This year the Brewer school department asked the city for $1 million in increased spending to fill several needs mainly to the special education program. Tonight we learned that did not happen

City council came into tonight's meeting offering the school department $500,000. During tonight's meeting Councilor Uhlenake proposed adding an additional $113,000 to allow the school budget to hire a new STEM teacher for Brewer High School. That motion passed.

Now the school department will look to the state to make up for the additional money it says it needs

"Obviously we're slightly disappointed, however we're also appreciative of getting some money." Superintendent Cheri Towle said.

Over the last month there has been tremendous community support for the school budget increase, but there have also been people who didn't want their taxes raised.

At Tuesday night's meeting phrases like "compromise" and "find middle ground" were used many times by city council and members of the community.

Councilor Uhlenake says this is what tonight's vote represented.

"You want both. You want a decrease in taxes and education funded to the absolute maximum amount that you can possibly have, "Uhlenake said, "It's just not possible this year."

Now that city council has approved the school budget, residents will vote to accept or reject it next Tuesday, June 13.