BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — School officials in Brewer agreed to part ways with Principal David Wall following a closed-door meeting Tuesday.

This comes after David Wall abruptly left his position in the middle of October, leaving students and parents asking questions, and the superintendent's office refusing to comment on “personnel matters.”

The Brewer School Committee unanimously approved a severance package Tuesday evening, citing "differences in leadership philosophy and management style."

Superintendent of Schools Cheri Towle told NEWS CENTER she was unable to comment after the meeting, but said the following in a reference letter attached to the severance package:

"We appreciate Mr. Wall's efforts to improve the quality of education at Brewer High School and his desire to help students grow and achieve," Towle said. "We wish him the best as he continue his educational pursuits and career."

While no comment was given about who the leadership "differences" were with, a separate statement from the school committee read:

“The Superintendent and Principal Wall nevertheless continue to share educational philosophies by believing in establishing standards and benchmarks for student learning.”

The committee insisted in the statement that Wall "never behaved inappropriately with students."

Wall had been on leave for nearly three weeks, after serving as principal since August 2012.

“The Brewer School Committee recognizes that Mr. Wall has made positive contributions during his years in Brewer,” the committee said in the statement.