BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from Brewer charged earlier this month with knowingly providing false complaints of an alleged criminal conduct incident at City Hall was arrested Friday after police said he refused to sign a summons.

Randy Tompkins, 55, who operates a motorized scooter, was handcuffed and allowed to operate his way outside of the public safety building to an awaiting law enforcement vehicle.

Before he made it to the cruiser, Brewer Police Chief Jason Moffitt said Tompkins sped away from officers and attempted to drive his scooter over and down the steps. Officers said they were able to grab the scooter just as it was starting to go over the stairs, preventing Tompkins from injuring himself.

This conduct, police said, resulted in Tompkins also being charged with failure to submit to arrest.

Earlier this month, Tompkins was charged with false public alarm or report after accusing a city employee of forcibly taking his wheelchair away on Aug. 4 and engaging in a course of conduct tantamount to theft and assault, according to police.

This charge is what prompted Tompkins' requirement to sign a summons Friday or face arrest. An investigation by Brewer Police Department, which included interviews with Tompkins, two city employees reportedly present at the time of the Aug. 4 incident and review of security footage, led to the charge.

This isn't Brewer PD's first encounter with Tompkins.

According to the department, it dealt with a similar manner of false reporting involving Tompkins against a city employee last year as well as an incident of aggressive behavior that occurred at one of the schools. As a result, police issued Tompkins a trespass warning for the Brewer School Department.

Brewer PD says Tompkins is currently barred from several city buildings, prevented from contacting certain city employees due to active bail conditions and barred from entering buildings or being on properties controlled by Brewer Schools.