BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Schools will be closed Friday for Veterans Day, but many decided to honor the troops a day early.

Students, faculty and veterans filled the Brewer High School gym for the annual Veterans Remembrance Assembly on Thursday. Chief Master Sgt. Daniel Moore honored veterans and spoke about the public's duty to make our country a better place.

Moore also honored Early Grover Junior, a Brewer graduate and a member of the Air Force, who was killed in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago.

"For guys of my generation, it means a lot because, for a lot of years, we got no support. We were the guys from the sixties and seventies that served in a time when it just wasn't popular. So now to see things turning around, means a lot to guys like me," said Army veteran, Bob Souza.

The Veterans Day celebration continues with a parade, which begins at 10:15 Friday morning on Wilson Street in Brewer.