PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As the craft brew industry explodes across the country, more competition in the field means more need to focus on what keeps a brewery growing and thriving.

Brewers and owners from hundreds of craft breweries all over New England, including most from Maine's more than 60 craft breweries, gathered at the University of Southern Maine's Abromson Center for the Inaugural New England Brew Summit. The goal was for brewers to discuss and learn what makes a craft brewery successful in an ever growing industry. Executive Director of the Maine Brewers' Guild, Sean Sullivan, said an important factor is maintaining top quality.

"That's the focus of our event today, it's about quality. With the rate our industry is going, the breweries that will succeed in the future are going to have to make really good beer," said Sullivan. "So today, all these brewers and brewery operators are learning how to make the best beer possible."

The summit runs until 6 p.m. Friday night.