BOWDOIN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office is investigating a string of daytime burglaries in the town of Bowdoin. According to the Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Facebook page, all of the burglaries that took place Thursday, September 14th between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm.

They say there were two reported burglaries on the West Road, one on the Wood Schoolhouse Road and one on the Meadow Road all in the town of Bowdoin. Police say the burglars broke into the houses and took jewelry and cash.

The Sheriff’s Department is requesting help from the public for any information that could be helpful. It states, we are trying to identify any other potential victims or if anyone had a someone knock on their door who may have, once they realized you were there, made up an excuse such as looking for a lost dog or pet, a friend, or a business in the area. The suspect or suspects may have been using a car.

If anyone has any information they are asked to call Detective Dan Reed at 386-5828.