AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A Lewiston-Auburn dentist who had his license suspended amid numerous complaints, then reinstated, is before a state board that will determine if he will be allowed to continue practicing.

On Friday, the Board of Dental Practice heared testimony from five patients who claim, among other things, that Dr. Jan Kippax pulled teeth that didn't need to be pulled, failed to provide proper pain medication, and allowed excessive bleeding.

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The attorney representing Kippax is denied the allegations, saying not one tooth was pulled that was not consented to by the five patients and he has anesthesia records to show he did nothing wrong.

Attorney James Belleau accused the board of being biased. He told board members their Executive Director Penny Vaillancourt was intertwined in the investigation of Kippax and therefore his client cannot get a fair hearing.

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Assistant Attorney General James Bowie told board members one of the patients was so upset with Kippax he filed his complaint the same day he was treated. He told board members another patient was in so much pain she pleaded with Kippax to stop, but he refused.

A hearing, with a format similar to a trial, got underway Friday in Augusta. It’s expected to continue at least through Saturday.