BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's something you probably haven't seen in many years...a payphone. One was recently installed in downtown Biddeford just around the corner from the McArthur Library.

Jeff Cabral is the Director of the library. He says children and adults are constantly asking to use the library's phone to make calls. He looked into getting payphone installed and found something much better...a public interest phone where local calls are free.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission installs and will service the phone. Cabral along with the city of Biddeford had to apply for the phone. Cabral says he just had to prove there was a need in their area.

"There were quite a few adults coming in who did not have cell phones and didn't have a way to contact a family member or friend in an urgent sort of case," Cabral said.

He says it is a much better alternative than having a phone at the library because now the public can use it anytime of day or night. The phone is located on the corner of Jefferson and Center streets.

There are about 35 other public service phones in the state of Maine. So the next time your cell phone battery dies, if you are near the Biddeford library, you can use the free payphone.