ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Should anyone who's got a permit be able to carry a gun onto any of Maine's public university and college campuses? That's the question being debated at the state house.

Backers of a new bill want to make it legal for someone with a concealed weapon permit to carry a gun onto campus without getting permission from that school's Board of Trustees.

"Anytime you have a gun free zone you are opening yourself up because everyone knows that no one else is armed, so I think it's a public safety issue" proponent of the bill, Representative Dustin White said.

However, students at the University of Maine have other feelings.

"We have a lot of drunk college students in a small area so I feel like giving them firearms is a necessarily that helpful or that safe" Senior Tara Mullen said. "It's a lot of potential for a very dangerous situations to come about -- I like shooting but I also don't feel the need for students to have guns on campus".

Some students agreed with the idea.

"It's another form of protection and it will decrease the likelihood of something like a school shooting or something fatal such as that" Junior Adwin Dougingu said.

"Everybody has a right to feel protected and if that means they feel they should carry a firearm with them than us there right" Sophomore Jerome Wiener said. "I think the whole purpose behind it is just protection".

If enacted, it would only pertain Maine's three public post-secondary schools; the campuses of the University of Maine System, the Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy.