PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- If you followed Maine’s music scene during the 1970's, 80's and 90's, you no doubt know the name Bill Chinnock. The musician struggled with debilitating Lyme Disease for many years.

Both Bill and his wife Terry were diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the late 1990’s, causing them horrible pain and extreme fatigue along with many other overwhelming symptoms. After years of battling Lyme and the financial, physical, and emotional tolls it took on the Chinnock family, Bill took his own life on March 7th, 2007. To this day, Terry still suffers from symptoms of Lyme Disease.

On Saturday, May 6th there will be motorcycle ride followed by a tribute concert to Bill Chinnock with all proceeds benefitting Midcoast Lyme Disease Support and Education, a non-profit that helps those facing Lyme Disease in Maine. The event will take place at Taste Of Maine in Woolwich, Maine.

Check out their Facebook Page for concert updates.

Join MLDSE, Ticked Off Music Fest, and Sharon Rose Vaznis (WCSH6) for a night of star struck entertainment
as they host the 1st Annual Midcoast Lyme Aide Benefit Concert** (100% of proceeds benefit Maine's Lyme Community.) Click Here For More Information

Midcoast Lyme is also holding a conference on the disease on April 29th in Wiscasset, Maine. You can visit the nonprofit’s website for more information on both events.