About a dozen bikers made their way from Biddeford to Sanford Saturday afternoon to take a stand against drug dealers.

The Second Chance Soldiers, a group of bikers, many of whom are in recovery from alcohol or drug addictions themselves, rode to the corner of Island Ave. and Thompson St. in Sanford, outside of a three-story apartment building many in the neighborhood say is a center of drug activity.

Kari Zielke, who lives down the street from the building, says she’s seen as many as 75-100 people go in and out of the building in one day.

“It helps,” said Zielke who helped get the bikers to a community rally against recovery happening at the same time.

“We can show the community and anybody who suffers from addiction in the neighborhood and elsewhere in Sanford or the state of Maine that they do have people that care. As a community we do want people to be clean. We want people to have productive lives and be productive members of society.”

For the bikers, the issue is personal.

“Went to a lot of funerals,” said Dan Marcotte. “It’s just really sad and you can get addicted fast. I know a few people that got into it, you know, and then there you are at their funeral.”