WELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – As Bike Maine cyclists made the longest trek of their journey 65 miles from Rangeley to Hartford, they experienced some of the most impressive scenery yet.

The NEWS CENTER team stumbled about a unique treasure tucked away in the small rural town of Weld called the ‘Rock Pile’ and quickly found the family behind it.

"I enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoy anything where you can see progress,” Ardene Proctor said. "I thought, ‘Gee it might be nice to put some of these together in a nice way.’"

89-year-old Proctor and his wife Daphne decided to create the unique structure, a small cabin atop a massive layered rock wall structure.

The raised cabin, complete with chairs, fireplace and oil lamps overlooks the sweeping mountains surrounding Mount Blue.

"It's nine layers tall and then the cabin on top of that,” Daphne said.

It took them 20 years to make the property a reality from 1979-1999.

The structure sets on a beautiful property with a man-made pond, gardens and a windmill.

Before retirement, Proctor worked a nightshift at a nearby mill, and spent all his free time clearing the property and building the structures.

"We built it for the people to enjoy,” Daphne said. People come up and have picnics."

She said many people have come to visit the cabin since it was created—so much so they have gone through countless guests books and even have a geocaching enthusiast visiting.

You might be asking: Where did this idea come from?

"A lot of these farms gave us the idea,” Ardene said.

He said the rocks did not just come from anywhere – but from all over the area – where they were clearing land.

Daphne said she fully support her husband’s idea from the start.

"I just went along for the ride,” she said.

Now at 89 and 84 years old the couple said 20 years of their life was all worth it to create a one-of-a-kind treasure nestled in the Maine mountains.

"We don't call this a pyramid. It's a rock pile!" Ardene said.

The couple says they hope to keep it open to the public for years to come. It will eventually be passed on to their son.

If you want to visit you can find it here. The bike Maine trip continues Friday with bikers pedaling 51 miles from Hartford to Farmington.