BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Macee Dunton starts us off right with a bass from Lower West Bay Pond. Macee is a cutie and that bass is a beauty.

Sister Maleea also taking a bass from the same body of water. The Dunton sisters are from Gouldsboro and both avid anglers. Great job ladies.

Our third bass today courtesy Teeghan Gilpatrick. Teeghan looks pretty darn happy with his catch. Don’t blame you Teegs. Bass are really fun to catch.

Eleven year old Tyler Gillie, of Hampden showing off his three and a quarter pound salmon that won him the Hancock County Open Water Fishing Derby. His dad Matt and Maine biologist Greg Burr were impressed with his catch! As am I, great job Tyler.

Here’s another impressive young man. This is Connor with a Branch Lake bass that he caught using this modified remote control boat. Is that the coolest thing in the history of all time ever? The answer is yes. Yes that is the coolest thing in the history of all time ever.

What do we have here? This is Patrick Mead with two of my favorite things on this planet we call earth. Salmon, and a love for the greatest hockey franchise this side of the Canadian border.

Patrick is nine, lives in Gouldsboro and as far as I’m concerned, may be the coolest kid ever!

I know, they’re all cool. What a group of overachievers we had this week. This week and every week. Join us on the Big Ol Fish Facebook page if you want to hang with the cool kids.