SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from South Portland is hoping for a little help from his friends after what he calls his retirement savings were stolen.

Jim Quatrano — who says he has bought and sold antiques and collectibles for years under the business name "Trash to Treasures" — said Friday he had been keeping $75,000 to as much as $100,000 worth of jewelry, gold, silver and coins in a locked storage unit in Scarborough.

"Over the years I accumulated different unique things, things I wanted to put away toward retirement, really," Quatrano said.

He said thieves hit the storage company in late September, cutting through the security fence and cutting the locks on close to 30 storage units and stealing what was inside. His unit was one of those cleaned out by the thieves.

"I cried – I mean, I cried," he said. "I cried for weeks, people don’t understand what I really lost."

Scarborough police told NEWS CENTER they are investigating, but don’t have a lot to go on so far. They said security cameras only showed two men wearing hooded sweatshirts. Quatrano did not have photos or any written records to document the stolen items, so police said they may be hard to find.

Quatrano said the items were not insured.

But some help will be coming Saturday night. The leader of a local band called "Stolen Mojo" heard about Quatrano’s loss, and has organized a benefit dance for Saturday night at the Fraternal Order of Eagles club in Portland. Jeff Harris said it just seemed like Quatrano could use some help.

"I just figured it could be me, could be anybody, someone in my family going through this same thing," Haskell said. "Getting toward his retirement and having the rug pulled out from under him has to be a terrible thing."

That benefit will be Saturday night at the Eagles club in Portland starting at 7 p.m.