MANCHESTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The search for an accused bank robber from Maine ends in Connecticut.

The suspect is Clinton Richard Damboise of Belgrade.

The Kennebec County Sheriff's office said Damboise walked into Camden National Bank in Manchester on Friday morning and demanded money from the teller while claiming to have a gun.

Police said Damboise got an undisclosed amount of money and left without hurting anyone. Police tried to track him but could not immediately pick up his trail.

Police said information they gathered indicated that Damboise might flee to Southington, Conn. where he was known to have personal connections. They asked fellow police in that area to be on the lookout, but also cautioned them that Damboise had made threats about law enforcement.

The tip led police in Southington to track Damboise to a local hotel on Saturday morning. The hotel was evacuated while a SWAT unit raided Damboise's room and took him into custody. In addition to the bank robbery charges, Damboise was also arrested on several previous warrants.

Police said Damboise will remain jailed in Connecticut pending extradition proceedings.