BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine State Police believe the two Bangor home invasions and Dysart's robbery are connected.

Officials say two white males entered the store portion of the Hermon Dysart's at 3 Friday morning, waited for customers to leave and then approached the counter.

According to police, one man was wearing a light-colored jacket and the other possibly a black colored jacket. Both were wearing face masks and gloves.

Police said in a press release, 'the individual in the light colored jacket informed the clerk that if he did not hand over the cash than he would kill him and everybody in here. The clerk retreated and the suspects smashed the cash register onto the floor. They then took off running with the register drawer.'

Police said the suspects fled on foot and were seen getting into a waiting light-colored sedan. Witnesses told police the vehicle then proceeded to go southbound on I-95.

Officials said after Bangor Police Department spoke to victims in the home invasion, they concluded the incidents are related to the same suspects.

Anyone with information should contact the Maine State Police in Bangor and Detective Timothy Shaw of the Bangor Police Department.