HOLDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A third grader who attended the Holden Elementary School has died.

He was just eight-years-old.

According to the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department, the cause of death is still unknown.

It happened on Wednesday, and members of the community say it is a hard loss to bear. Today the school set up counseling sessions for parents and classmates.

The superintendent hopes it will bring the community closer together.

'It's important that they feel like they are supported, that we are connected in the community, and that we can come together with compassion to just help them through this,' said Superintendent Susan Smith. 'There's no one way to grieve or no one right answer, there's going to be lots of emotions and lots of hard times ahead, but this community is wonderful.'

Smith says the school will be back in session on Monday.

Grieving services will still be available to students and staff.

NEWS CENTER spoke with the child's father this afternoon. He told us that earlier reports surrounding his son's death are inaccurate and that what happened was a tragic accident.