ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Bangor Symphony Orchestra (BSO) kicked off its 121st season Sunday.

It is the ensemble's biggest season in years.

"It's definitely a bigger year for us," Executive Director Brian Hinrichs said." Great to see the symphony growing after 121 years."

An ever-expanding subscriber base has allowed the BSO to put on even more concerts.

"We have almost 200 more subscribers this year than we had 5 years ago," Hinrichs said. "It's great to see that growth."

From traditional classical works to jazz standards and Star Wars, the orchestra has been able to make their performances more diverse.

"Part of that is playing new music," Hinrichs said. "Playing music that speaks to new generations while also honoring our past and the tradition of classical music."

The hope is to draw crowds of all ages to help keep the arts alive.

"A lot of it does have to do with what people are hearing on stage," Hinrichs said. "If they like what they're hearing on stage, they're going to keep coming back, so we really focus on the quality of the art we're producing.

"That's a big part of it, but there's also the community aspect the feel good aspect of being in a hall with your friends and seeing your friends on stage and knowing what that does for community pride."

Their next concert is on Nov. 20, with the season continuing through May.