BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students in Bangor have raised more than 25-hundred dollars to help victims recovering in areas hit hardest by the recent hurricanes.

The superintendent of Bangor schools, Betsy Webb, presented a check to the American Red Cross on Tuesday afternoon..

The students and staff across the district raised the money through a coin drive.

"It touched your heart because many students came in with lunch baggies full of coins and then a little note about wanting to help and what an important lesson for all of us to learn." Say Webb

American Red Cross is the organization that continues their massive relief efforts following some of the country's most devastating natural disasters.

"We were so excited. We had no idea they have the capacity to raise this much money." says Caroline King from the American Red Cross. "You think about a few pennies a few quarters a few nickels here and there. Who would have thought they could raise 2,500 dollars."